Monday, September 15, 2008

Clay Shirky about television and somehow waste of time

This is a talk of Clay Shirky at Web 2.0 Expo SF 2008.

He explains in a very entertaining way (in short) that people in the current generation watch too much tv and that in the time e.g. the people in US sit in front of their tv the whole wikipipedia could be written a many thousand times.

The new generation seems to use the media in a more active way. They write blog post and are more active in stating their opinion.

A quote:
TV Reporter: Where do people find all the time to do wikipedia?
Clay Shirky: No one who works in TV gets to ask that question.
You know where the times comes from. It comes from the cognitive surplus you have been masking for the last 50 years.

Clay Shirky is known not only to the "tagging world" for his widely-read blog post with the title: "Ontology is Overrated: Categories, Links, and Tags". Tom Gruber refers to this post in an often cited article: "Ontology of Folksonomy: A Mash-up of Apples and Oranges". But that is an other story...

Moday after Nepomuk Summerschool

Today was my first day after the nepomuk summerschool in Malta.
It was great to meet all this interesting individuals and to exchange thoughts and experiences related to semantic web technologies. People were mostly from europe but also two guys from usa and brazil attended the school.

Experimenting with user interface design techniques was one of the things I liked most. And of course the mini project we did where really fun. My team also won a small price for our mini project with the name "chatomuk" ;-)