Thursday, September 10, 2009

European Summer School in Information Retrieval (ESSIR) 2009 in Padua

I have been on a Summer School about Information Retrieval in Padua last week - ESSIR 2009. In general it was awesome. I met many interesting people, had a lot of fun and also gathered some input concerning my current work. Most of the talks were excellent and really led me to some new insights about Information retrieval in


Talks I liked most - no special order or distinction between quality (or my interests in the topic) of the talk:

  • The User in Interactive Information Retrieval Evaluation - Peter Ingwersen
  • Information Retrieval in Context - Ian Ruthven
  • Web Mining and Next-Generation Search - Aristides Gionis
  • Indexing Techniques - Mark Sanderson

Here are some pics:

image image 

image image

There are also some more pics at flickr.

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